Photography Competition

The Society holds a Members’ Photographic Competition usually at 12-18 month intervals, attracting over 300 pictures giving our guest judge a headache to select the top three in the categories listed below! In the past we have had judges from the leading railway magazines, former railwaymen, other top railway photographers and chairmen of other railway societies. Full details appear in our monthly magazine, “Aurora” nearer the date. Members compete for ‘The Mick Harmer Trophy’, The ‘SLS50 GN Bridge Plate’ and the ‘Members’ Choice Trophy’.


The Categories are as follows:

A. British Steam – Digital Image & Slides

B. British Steam – Print (from negatives or digital)

C. British Modern – Digital Image & Slides

D. British Modern – Print (from negatives or digital)

E. British Open – Digital Image & Slides

F. British Open – Print (from negatives or digital)

G. Print – Foreign Steam, Modern & Open – Digital Image & Slides

H. Print – Foreign Steam, Modern & Open – Print (from negatives or digital)

X. Special Subject – The subject changes for every competition and in the past has included “Lamps”, “Inclement Weather” and other topics to challenger our Members – Digital, Slide and Print


Other Notes:

Prints are laid out on tables for the benefit of everyone to view.

Please note that these are somebody’s pride and joy so DO NOT pick up or touch any of the prints that are on display, even if they are your own.

Please do not consume food or drink in the vicinity of the display tables.

Notices will be displayed in the day as a reminder, and we thank everyone in advance for complying with the above.


Competition Rules:

No charge is made for entries

Entrants must be fully paid up full members of the Stevenage Locomotive Society.

Entrants may submit up to four photographs in each category.

Entries must be the entrant’s own work.

Photographs that have had a placing in previous years’ competitions may NOT be Entered.

A completed entry form must accompany all photographs entered.

Prints may be of any size and printed on any type of paper, home or Commercially Processed but must be un-mounted.

Slides may be of any size, but must be in 2” square mounts.

Entries must be identified by a minimum of the category letter and the entrant’s SLS membership number.  (Do NOT put your name on the entry).

Categories A-D are restricted to Britain, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Eurotunnel.  The French Eurotunnel terminal is acceptable but NOT Eurostar or Class 92s outside Britain.  However, pictures of foreign locos that exist in Britain are acceptable.  Please note that photographs taken in Ireland (Eire) should be entered into the foreign categories, although benefit of the doubt may be given to photographs taken in border areas with Northern Ireland, based on the subject.

Colour and/or black & White entries are permitted in ALL of the categories.  There is no distinction made between Digital and traditional photography but entries must be your own work (commercial Processing and Printing is allowed of course).