Society’s Magazine “AURORA”.

For over twenty years the Society’s magazine “Aurora” has been printed in Stevenage by Geoff Edwards, on extremely favourable financial terms but all good things must come to an end, except for Geoff who is retiring and we wish him a long and happy retirement.

However, this now gives the Committee a problem in finding a replacement of equal printing quality but also cost, without having to order a massive increase in annual subscriptions. Several options are currently being investigated and with the last of Geoff’s production expected to be in April, there is not much time left to find an alternative.

Thus if anyone reading this message, Member of visitor, knows of a local printer who would be able to fill the gap, then please contact the “Aurora” Editor, Barrie Woods, or any other SLS Committee Member. Or if you have any ideas on how a monthly “Aurora” can still be issued, then, again, contact a Committee Member.

With a Membership of 135 and monthly meetings attended by up to 75 Members and visitors, the Committee wishes to continue to offer a quality package for the modest, by comparison to other similar societies, Subscription which includes “Aurora”.